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FaceTime Works On iPod Touch 4G In The Middle East

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As you might be already aware, FaceTime is disabled on iPhone 4's sold officially in countries like UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

However, folks over at iRamadah are reporting that FaceTime works fine on the new iPod Touch 4G in the Middle East.

While it was earlier speculated that Apple decided to drop the feature as some of these countries have banned certain VoIP services in the past, it is now obvious that this ban is more of a carrier centric one.

If you've bought the iPod Touch 4G then you can follow the instructions provided below.

Before gearing up for Facetime on your iPod Touch, ensure that you own the new iPod Touch 4G (MC547FD, MC540FD or MC544FD).

Once that has been confirmed proceed with the following steps:

1. Navigate to Settings then FaceTime then set it to ON

2. Enter your Apple ID to Sign-in. (You can create one here)

3. Supply your preferred e-mail address. This is required for making and receiving calls.

4. Verify your address by clicking a link in an e-mail message sent to that address you just supplied.

5. You can add more email accounts – but the verification has to be completed for every e-mail ID.

6. On iPod touch 4G, you need to add a person as a contact before you can call them. 

Once this is done, you can check your address book and see people in your list who have FaceTime enabled and call them directly. 

If you are in the Middle East and have recently bought the iPod Touch (4th generation) then we would love to know if FaceTime work on your shiny new iPod Touch.

Its not clear why the carriers are blocking the feature, lets hope they enable the video calling feature for iPhone 4 users soon.

[GadgetsDNA via iRamadah]

Source: FaceTime Works On iPod Touch 4G In The Middle East

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