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AOL Spends $1M On Solid State Memory SAN

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Lucas123 writes “AOL recently completed the roll out of a 50TB SAN made entirely of NAND flash in order to address performance issues with its relational database. While the flash memory fixed the problem, it didn’t come cheap, at about four times the cost of a typical Fibre Channel disk array with the same capacity, and it performs at about 250,000 IOPS. One reason the flash SAN is so fast is that it doesn’t use a SAS or PCIe backbone, but instead has a proprietary interface that offers up 5 to 6Gb/s throughput. AOL’s senior operations architect said the SAN cost about $20 per gigabyte of capacity, or about $1 million. But, as he puts it, ‘It’s very easy to fall in love with this stuff once you’re on it.’”

Source: AOL Spends $1M On Solid State Memory SAN

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