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Devs Grapple With 100+ Versions of Android

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Barence writes “The scale of the challenge facing Android developers has been laid bare by Twitter client TweetDeck. During beta testing of its new software, TweetDeck encountered more than 36,000 testers using an enormous pool of 244 different handsets. Not only was hardware for the platform fragmented, but Tweetdeck had to contend with more than a hundred different versions of Android, highlighting just how muddled the market is for the open-source platform. The splintering of Android is making life difficult for app developers. “It’s not particularly harder to develop for Android over iPhone (from a programming standpoint),” said Christopher Pabon, a developer who writes apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms. “Except when it comes to final quality assurance and testing. Then it can be a nightmare. (a manageable nightmare, mind you).”"

Source: Devs Grapple With 100+ Versions of Android

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