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Bjarne Stroustrup Reflects On 25 Years of C++

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eldavojohn writes “Today roughly marks C++’s first release 25 years ago when about six years of Bjarne Stroustrop’s life came to fruition in the now pervasive replacement language for C. It achieved ISO standardization in 1998 and its creator regularly receives accolades. Wired’s short interview contains some nice anecdotes including ‘If I had thought of it and had some marketing sense every computer and just about any gadget would have had a little ‘C++ Inside’ sticker on it’ and ‘I’ll just note that I consider the idea of one language, one programming tool, as the one and only best tool for everyone and for every problem infantile. If someone claims to have the perfect language he is either a fool or a salesman or both.’ There’s some surprising revelations in here, too, as his portable computer runs Windows.”

Source: Bjarne Stroustrup Reflects On 25 Years of C++

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