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Twitter Goes @OnTheRoad

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Thanks to reader Adam Jackson, we just spotted a new official account from Twitter, named @OnTheRoad. The account’s first Tweets were posted yesterday, so it appears to have been recently launched.

The Tweets sent from the verified account seem to involve passing on information and details regarding a Tweetup in Montreal, Canada. The account’s bio says: On a whirlwind tour across North America. Asking how folks discover what’s happening.

The account could be a marketing tool for Twitter to use to publicize TweetUps in the U.S. and Canada. The TweetUp page for the Montreal event says Mark Trammell, Design Researcher at Twitter is “traveling for the next few weeks talking with people about how they use Twitter,” so the account could be a way for Trammell to publicize the tour. Or the account could serve a more broad purpose as a way see where Twitter staff are going to be speaking or giving talks.

Another clue comes from user research firm BoltPeters. It appears from the firm’s site, that Twitter has hired the company to conduct user research. OnTheRoad could be a way to document this research.

For now, Twitter seems to be elusive about the initiative. When we inquired about @OnTheRoad, Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner told us “Follow along and find out!”

Source: Twitter Goes @OnTheRoad

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