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Facebook Now Has Klout

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Klout, startup that measures influence on Twitter, is extending its influence measurement product to Facebook today. While the company previously offered BirdBrain, a feature that allows you to measure influence mashing up data from both Facebook and Twitter; Klout is launching an exclusive measurement platform for Facebook.

On Twitter, Klout’s influence score is based on a user’s ability to drive action through Tweets, ReTweets and more. On Facebook, Klout will examine how conversations and content generate interest and engagement, via likes, comments, and more, from the network’s 500 million-plus users. Klout looks at specific achievements on the network, including total comments, total likes, unique likers, and unique commenters. Klout will analyze this data and show users how many likes they have per post, the number of unique commenters and more.

For Klout users who had already connected to Facebook via BirdBrain, the new Facebook score will be automatically added to their profiles. New users can login with Facebook Connect on Klout to receive their Facebook-exclusive Klout score.

And your total Klout score will now show a measurement of your Twitter and Facebook scores. For example, if you don’t use Twitter very much but have a larger network of friends on Facebook, that influence will be reflected in your score.

For Klout, which has raised $1.5 million, this could be very appealing for brands who are looking to measure influence of consumers on both Twitter and Facebook. We’re assuming that Klout will soon offer the Facebook score via its popular API, which is used by HootSuite and others.

Source: Facebook Now Has Klout

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