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The Era Of the Uber-Smartphone Is Here

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One thing you’ll notice about this crop of Windows Phone 7 handsets is the power of the processor. Each one – almost ten in all – run 1GHz+ Snapdragon processors. With the average desktop or laptop processor running at about 4GHz, we’re talking about phones that have the power of a half-decade old PC. Yes, you could probably run Crysis on these.

What does that mean for you and me? Not much except some amazing UI features. What it means for the OS and for programmers is fairly interesting, however. It means spellcheck. It means in-context highlighting (think of the way the iPhone and now Outlook for WinPho 7 highlight addresses and dates). Think fairly powerful productivity tools that use desktop-style interfaces to control various features. While all of these things seem simple, in reality they are very hard.

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