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Should Sony Team With Google On a PlayStation Phone?

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donniebaseball23 writes “The PSP2 is already in the hands of developers, but will Sony take the right direction in the portable sector? Following a recent op-ed on fixing the PSP business, leading game industry analysts came to the consensus that the best avenue for Sony to take is to offer a PlayStation Phone, and a strong partner like Google would do just the trick. ‘Sony has the opportunity to redefine the portable games category. I think the best move would be to get out in front of Microsoft’s inevitable Xbox LIVE Arcade Mobile and take on the App Store and carrier deck portals. … They could put out a proper PlayStation Phone (and a PlayStation Pad) but these should compete with smartphones and tablets, not dedicated gaming devices. To do this quickly, Sony could partner with Google and take advantage of Android’s considerable momentum,’ said Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research.”

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