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Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli’s AGW Witch Hunt Continues

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eldavojohn writes “A letter from Representative Edward Markey outlines Ken Cuccinelli’s latest civil investigative demand targeting 39 people instead of just Michael Mann. You may recall that the original investigation was quashed by a judge, but the latest request demands records from people seemingly unrelated to Mann, including an Indian glaciologist. The Bad Astronomer calls Cuccinelli out in a similar manner and lists Cuccinelli’s doubts about Mann’s papers, including, ‘Specifically, but without limitation, some of the conclusions of the papers demonstrate a complete lack of rigor regarding the statistical analysis of the alleged data, meaning that the result reported lacked statistical significance without a specific statement to that effect.’ The school that hosted the research announced the new investigation, and the Union of Concerned Scientists accuses him of harassing scientists.”

Source: Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli’s AGW Witch Hunt Continues

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