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Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt

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Did TechCrunch Disrupt blow right past you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to watch that video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote about five times before I actually understand what was going on, and don’t even get me started on “Dancing Erick.”

For those that are likewise, um disrupted, data curation tool Pearltrees has created the above tree visualization, which allows you to relive the three day info hurricane on your own terms by clicking through any of the available “pearls” or data nodes.

For the uninitiated, Pearltrees is a free visual curation tool that allows you to organize the web into subscribable clusters, either by pulling in data from your browser or by crawling what you follow on Twitter. You can embed a Pearltree (like we have) on any website and it will update automatically as you add more content (like “Dancing Erick.” Hint. Hint).


Source: Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt

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