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New Tool Suite Helps Track Privacy Policies

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An anonymous reader writes “Forbes reports that The Internet Society announced this week the availability of the Identity Management Policy Audit System, a suite of tools designed to give Internet users a clearer understanding of the online usage policies of the websites they visit. Born out of a collaboration between The Internet Society, the University of Colorado, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Center for Democracy and Technology, the system consists of a free, open-source Firefox plug-in that checks a library of scraped terms of service and privacy policies from several popular websites. If a site changes the fine print of one of its policies, the plug-in notifies the user when they visit the website next. According to Forbes, ‘that functionality would help users spot controversial switcheroos in sites’ legalese, such as Facebook’s change last year that suddenly gave the site the right to use your photos and other content.’”

Source: New Tool Suite Helps Track Privacy Policies

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