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DriverSide’s Car Management Platform Adds Coupons To The Mix

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DriverSide, the startup that wants to help car owners maintain their cars rather than buy or sell them, is getting into coupons. The startup is now providing users with coupons and special offers tailored to the kinds of cars users drive, the towns where they live, and the types of maintenance or servicing they need.

The site helps take the guesswork out of car-repairs, offering firm estimates for the cost of parts and labor, along with advice from certified mechanics. All you need to do is enter the make, year and model of your car, and DriverSide will help you keep up to date with maintenance and more. Plus, the site will notify you if there are any recalls or notices associated with your car.

You can either search specifically for discounts or will be served relevant coupons with searches and tasks on the site. For example, users can build out an online garage and identify the kinds of repairs they need, and DriverSide will show the users various offers available on the site. DriverSide will send you emails reminders before saved coupons expire and for relevant deals when servicing are due. Consumers can also browse through general coupons that are specific to their car make and location. DriverSide will provide discounts and incentives from its national network of repair facilities as well as from partners.

DriverSide, which has raised $10.3 million in funding, also recently scored a partnership with eBay motors.

Source: DriverSide’s Car Management Platform Adds Coupons To The Mix

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