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China Becoming Intellectual Property Powerhouse

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eldavojohn writes “A lot of Westerners view China as little more than the world’s factory manufacturing anything with little regard to patents, copyrights and trademarks. But it seems as far as patents go, China is moving on up. According to the WIPO, the company that applied for the most patents in 2008 was not an American or Japanese company but China’s Huawei Technologies. And China has made astonishing ground recently moving up to third place with 203,257 patent applications behind Japan (500,000) and the United States (390,000). It remains to be seen if these patents applications will come to fruition for China but it is evident that they are focusing on a new image as a leader in research and development. The Korean article concentrates on 2008 but you can find 2009 statistics at the WIPO’s report on China along with some statistics breaking down applications by industry.”

Source: China Becoming Intellectual Property Powerhouse

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