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Apple TV Selling Like Hot Cakes In The US

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Just a week into its launch, Apple TV is already creating a lot of buzz. But then which Apple product doesn't? 

Anyway, according to a new research note from JMP Research analyst Alex Gauna, new Apple TV shipments are being lapped up with keen interest by consumers across the United States. 

In fact, most Apple retail stores are selling Apple TV units at amazing rates with most of them being rendered out of stock almost immediately after fresh supplies arrive.

Gauna also estimates that going by current rates, Apple would be easily able to sell over a million units of Apple TV – this very quarter. Of course, the main factor behind these kind of sales is the price of the device. 

At $99, Apple TV is simply too cheap to ignore. Gauna bases his reports after checking stats from over 20 Apple retail stores across the US. 

He has also talked to Apple TV consumers to be able to present to us a general overview of the public reception of Apple TV in the US. Since it's been just over a week since its launch, shipping estimates for Apple TV are hard to come by. 

Interestingly, unlike other products in its arsenal, Apple has had a history of not divulging sales of Apple TV in the – maybe because of its not so stellar performance in terms of sales. 

Now that it is selling pretty well, isn't it time Apple changed its stance? 

How many of you have bought the new Apple TV? Do you think it is worth the $99 that you paid for it?

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Source: Apple TV Selling Like Hot Cakes In The US

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