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Panasonic Invite Gamers To the Jungle

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donniebaseball23 writes “In a move that will instantly conjure up memories of the infamous 3DO failure, Panasonic has once again decided to throw its hat into the gaming ring, unveiling an online-focused handheld called the Jungle. It features a high-resolution display, a D-pad, a touch pad, and a full mini-keyboard in addition to standard gaming shoulder buttons. Wireless support is a given, as Panasonic is talking heavily about the console’s online features, but whether that’s Wi-Fi or 3G remains unclear. M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon said, ‘The Jungle is a highly specialized dedicated portable for a non-existent market. This is an unprecedented hardware strategy, and probably for good reason. If MMO players want to go more portable than a laptop, I guess this would be the way to go. Frankly, this looks like a non-starter.’”
An anonymous reader notes comments from NetDevil’s Ryan Seabury, who thinks the decision to have the device run Linux is a mistake

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