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Nobel Prize in Physics For Discovery of Graphene

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bugsbunnyak writes “The 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for the discovery of graphene to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. Graphene is a novel one-atom-thick lattice state of carbon which has demonstrated unique quantum mechanical properties. These properties derive in part from the 2-dimensional nature of the material: quantum interactions are constrained to the effectively planar dimension of the lattice. Graphene holds promise for physical applications including touch screens, light cells, and potentially solar panels. Geim becomes the first scientist to achieve a Nobel prize despite earlier winning the highly-coveted Ig Nobel in 2000 for his studies of diamagnetic levitation — also known as The Flying Frog.” Slashdot originally mentioned the frog almost exactly 10 years ago.

Source: Nobel Prize in Physics For Discovery of Graphene

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    Truly amazing. I wonder what this material’s conductivity is when supercooled. Imagine a transparent tablet computer that’s nearly indestructible.


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