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Cisco Dev FAQ Offers More Info On the Cius Tablet

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This document sent to potential software partners doesn’t tell much more about the Cisco Cius Tablet than we already know. However, it does show confirmed but limited availability in C4 2010 as well as a sub $1,000 price confirmation. This bit is particularly interesting:

5) Why is Cisco Cius twice the price of an Apple iPad? Why should I purchase Cisco Cius versus just purchasing iPad’s instead?
Cisco Cius is not a consumer device so it’s not an equivalent comparison. Cisco Cius is the first-of-its- kind mobile collaboration device.

As we said before, the Cius isn’t a consumer device. It will act like a laptop in a board meeting and include a number of Cisco-branded communications systems under an Android wrapper. What is particularly interesting is that this means many Cisco services will be available in Android, a boon to those currently running Cisco installs at their place of work. Full FAQ after the jump:

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Source: Cisco Dev FAQ Offers More Info On the Cius Tablet

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