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Design Principles Behind Smalltalk

October 4th, 2010 10:49 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

With LtU
being 10 years old
, it seems appropriate to start recycling
ancient underappreciated posts — especially those in
the static
HTML archive
where commenting is no longer possible.

With Smalltalk-80
nominally turning 30
and PARC
turning 40
, 2010 is a fitting year to revisit
Principles Behind Smalltalk
by Daniel H. H. Ingalls,
known to his German admirers
as Daniel Ha-ha Ingalls.

Mentioned twice by Ehud in 2001
Ingalls’s piece should be filed under Visionary
. Alas, no such category exists on LtU.

Source: Design Principles Behind Smalltalk

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