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Will iOS 4.2 Bring HDR Photography Feature To iPhone 3GS?

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iPhone 3GS

If you’re an iPhone 3GS user and were disappointed to find out the HDR feature, which was introduced in iOS 4.1 was only to iPhone 4 users then there is a possibility that Apple will introduce the feature for older iPhone models in iOS 4.2.

Folks at 9to5Mac have discovered two HDR icons in the iOS SDK, one for devices with Retina display and another one for devices, which don’t have the Retina display.

9to5Mac reports:

there are two HDR icons within the SDK. As labeled, one is for the iPhone 4?s Retina Display, while the other is for an iPhone without a Retina Display. The iPhone 3GS is the only iPhone that is physically (hardware capabilities) able to capture HDR shots so we figure that non-Retina icon is for the 3GS not the original or 3G model.

iPhone 3GS - HDR Photos

9to5Mac goes on to explain:

Apple has a very simple labeling process which places an “@2x” on image titles for the Retina Display and places nothing of that sort next to “iphone” on non-retina iPhones.

Also, by just looking at the image’s sharpness, you can tell one is for a much higher resolution screen, in this case the iPhone 4?s Retina Display.

However, it is not clear whether these new icons were introduced in the latest beta version of iOS 4.2 that was released earlier in the week or it has been there since iOS 4.1. If it was there since iOS 4.1 then it is possible that Apple decided to drop the HDR feature from older iPhone models.

There are paid iPhone apps available on the App Store that allow iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G users to take HDR photos.

There is a hack called HDR/GameCenter Enabler that claimed to enable the HDR and Game Centre feature for older iPhone models but based on feedback from our readers it doesn’t work.

It will be interesting to see Apple will officially enable the feature for iPhone 3GS users in future iOS software updates.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[via 9to5Mac]

Source: Will iOS 4.2 Bring HDR Photography Feature To iPhone 3GS?

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