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New Apple TV Reviews Reveal The Pros And Cons Of The New Device

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Apple TV Review

If you have been following the new Apple TV launch, you may be aware that Apple has already started delivering the device to its customers.

With the first batch of buyers having received their orders, we are now starting to see a number of reviews from across the blogosphere. You can also checkout our article on Apple TV teardown here

According to Clayton Morris from the Fox News, the new Apple TV is likely to be popular among the older users thanks to features such as Netflix streaming and AirPlay. This is not to say that the device may not appeal to the younger generation. Morris points out that the new Apple TV is not only "hockey-puck small" but is also surprisingly fast. He writes that the device connects to the iTunes library much faster than the older Apple TV did with its 'home sharing' option. Morris however cautions that the success of the new Apple TV shall be completely dependent on the way Apple markets this new product. He notes that a number of potential customers may simply not be aware of the product and hence may need to be educated about it.

While the Apple TV has received effusive praise for its simplicity, Tim Gideon from PCMag points out that the functionalities may not be completely intuitive. For an instance, Gideon notes that the new TV show rental system is a "one-way street". That is, while users are allowed to rent TV shows from a computer or iDevice and choose to stream it over Apple TV, the reverse may not be possible. So users who will want to purchase content from Apple TV that can be watched later on their iPad may be disappointed. 

Gideon however has words of praise for the technology and simple interface. He notes that the new remote is very easy to use despite lacking a Home button. Also, the new Apple TV builds up sufficient buffer of content before playback so that the content is presented in full resolution at all times. This is in contrast with Netflix streaming that may switch between HD and SD depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi network.

You can checkout the video of PC Mag's review below:

Joshua Topolsky from Engadget however differs in his opinion. He says that the simple interface could also prove to be a disadvantage at times. For instance, users who have long passwords may have a tough time navigating between letters when typing their passwords with the remote. The problem is however negated if you have already paired up your Apple TV with an iPhone or iPad since the new remote app lets you manage controls with a virtual keyboard. 

Apple TV Review

Another significant point raised by Topolsky is the availability of fresh content. Unlike Apple's claims on their website that new rentals shall be available "the same day they come out on DVD", that does not appear to be the case. A lot of content, including the likes of Iron Man 2, are not available until a month or so after the DVD release. Also, TV shows like Modern Family that were presented during the Apple media event on September 1 are not available for rental as yet.

As it is with most new gadgets, Apple TV too has its share of pros and cons. Topolsky sums it up best for those of you considering an Apple TV with this line: 

"If you just want a dead simple movie rental box and you're not that picky about content, the Apple TV is a no-brainer. If, like us, you're looking for options good enough to make you can the cable, Apple's new box still feels a lot like a hobby."

Are you buying the new Apple TV? Tell us your thoughts about Apple's new device in the comments below.

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Source: New Apple TV Reviews Reveal The Pros And Cons Of The New Device

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