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Building the LEGO MMO

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Gamasutra has a lengthy interview with NetDevil’s Ryan Seabury, creative director for LEGO Universe, which is due to launch next month. He talks about some of the difficulties in graphically optimizing a game with so many discrete, interactive objects, and mentions that they’ll be keeping an eye out for inappropriate contructs to avoid problems similar to those that cropped up with Spore. “One thing we can say is when you build models you have your own property, and you can share that if you want to. If you share something publicly, it will be monitored by a human before it’s seen by other people.” Seabury also explains their desire to keep the game simple, using players’ creativity as a driving force, as well as NetDevil’s decision to stay away from a micro-transaction business model.

Source: Building the LEGO MMO

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