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Aussie Gov’t Won’t Help Fight Cyber Attacks

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mask.of.sanity writes “Days after the Pentagon’s #2 called for a NATO cyber-shield, the Australian government has announced it won’t lift a finger to help the country’s businesses to defend themselves against cyber attacks unless it presents a high risk to national security. Instead, Australia’s security agencies will forge a response based on the ‘pathology of the problem,’ incorporating the risk the attack poses to government and the community. A senior security official said the government ‘struggles to defend its own systems from the current threats,’ let alone that of other industries. He went on to rubbish claims that existing military force strategies can be applied to cyber warfare, noting that the demarcation between civil attacks, such as domestic hacking, and those against nation-states, such as espionage, is blurry. Former US counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke said the US government has taken a similar line.

Source: Aussie Gov’t Won’t Help Fight Cyber Attacks

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