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Thieves Use Vacuum to Siphon Cash From Safes

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Tootech writes “A gang of thieves armed with a powerful vacuum cleaner that sucks cash from supermarket safes has struck for the fifteenth time in France. The burglars broke into their latest store near Paris and drilled a hole in the pneumatic tube that siphons money from the checkout to the strong-room. They then sucked rolls of cash totaling £60,000 from the safe without even having to break its lock. Police said the gang – dubbed the Vacuum Burglars – always raid Monoprix supermarkets and have hit 15 of the stores branches around Paris in the past four years. A spokesman added: ‘They spotted a weakness in the company’s security system and have been exploiting it ever since.’”

Source: Thieves Use Vacuum to Siphon Cash From Safes

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