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Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead

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Blacklaw writes “Microsoft has sided with Apple in a rare case of solidarity between the two companies, and declares that Blu-ray will be “passed by” as a high-definition format. In many ways, it’s hard to disagree. US markets have seen the demand for legal digital downloads of PC games exceed sales of the physical object for the first time, and Apple famously refuses to put a Blu-ray drive in its Macs, as Jobs prefers to send people towards iTunes to download their entertainment. That said, there’s an argument for physical media, too. A recent survey suggested that the majority of gamers prefer physical discs, and digital downloads have the secondary effect of entirely cutting out the popular market for second-hand films and games — a plus for publishers, but a big negative for the consumer.”

Source: Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead

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