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BSA’s Latest Piracy Claims ‘Shockingly Misleading,’ Says Geist

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An anonymous reader writes “This week the Business Software Alliance published a new study
which purports to estimate the economic gain from a ten percent reduction in piracy of business software. For Canada, the BSA claims that the reduction would create over 6,000 new jobs and generate billions in GDP and tax revenue. But Michael Geist says the BSA claims are based on nothing more than the economic gains from a ten percent increase in proprietary software spending. The BSA now admits its estimate is based on the presumption that every dollar ‘saved’ by using unlicensed software would now be spent on proprietary software.”

Glyn Moody pointed out more flaws in the BSA’s report.

Source: BSA’s Latest Piracy Claims ‘Shockingly Misleading,’ Says Geist

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