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iPad Getting a Subscription Infrastructure?

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itwbennett writes “Peter Smith is blogging about an article in the San Jose Mercury News leaking news that Apple is ‘ almost ready to take the wraps off a new system to support subscriptions. The terms, if the leaks are accurate, sound less than ideal for publishers though. Apple will take 40% of advertising revenue, and 30% of subscription fees from participating publishers. In return, Apple will offer consumers the ability to opt-in to sharing their data with the publishers.’ Apple isn’t commenting on the speculation. ‘In somewhat related news, Apple has released iOS 4.2 to developers. This is the version of iOS that will let iPads, iPhones and iPad Touches print to a WiFi-enabled or shared printer on a local network, via the new AirPrint service. It sounds like you’ll be able to print articles from your digitally delivered newspaper before too long,’ says Smith.”

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