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Torvalds Becomes an American Citizen

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netbuzz writes “Having brought his open-source work and family to the United States from Finland some time ago, Linus Torvalds has marked an important personal milestone by attaining US citizenship. A casual remark on the Linux kernel mailing list about registering to vote led to the community being in on the news. Torvalds has acknowledged being a bit of a procrastinator on this move, writing in a 2008 blog post: ‘Yeah, yeah, we should probably have done the citizenship thing a long time ago, since we’ve been here long enough (and two of the kids are US citizens by virtue of being born here), but anybody who has had dealings with the INS will likely want to avoid any more of them, and maybe things have gotten better with a new name and changes, but nothing has really made me feel like I really need that paperwork headache again.’ In that post he also expresses dislike for the American style of politics in which he will now be able to participate directly.”

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