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Social Media Can Help You Fake Your Own Death

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Julie188 writes “We are inundated with warnings that social media is systematically stripping away our privacy. But Frank Ahearn, the so-called ‘Dear Abby’ of disappearing, is attempting to show folks how to use those same technologies to regain your privacy, even helping you go as far as faking your own death. Ahearn is a professional skip-tracer who has hunted down people like Monica Lewinsky. In an interview with Ahearn on Network World, he says ‘One can legally disappear through the use of corporations and offshore corporations. The idea is to embrace technology and to become a virtual entity.’ My favorite tip is that New Zealand is the place to land once you leap off the grid. Not only is it far from most of the rest of the English speaking world, he says, but it also has great beaches.”

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