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Promised Microsoft Tablet ‘No Thicker Than Sheet of Glass’

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Barence writes Microsoft will deliver a touchscreen PC that is ‘no thicker than a sheet of glass’ within the next three years, according to the company’s principal researcher. The device will be the next generation of Microsoft’s Surface project, which currently houses a touchscreen PC in a deep cabinet that uses cameras to detect hand gestures and objects placed on the screen. According to Microsoft’s Bill Buxton, ‘Surface will become no thicker than a sheet of glass. It’s not going to have any cameras or projectors because the cameras will be embedded in the device itself.’ Microsoft is developing a new screen technology to make this possible. ‘The best way to think about it is like a big LCD where there’s a fourth pixel in every triad. So there’s red, green, and blue pixels giving you light, and a fourth pixel which is a sensor that will capture stuff,’ Buxton claims in an interview with The Globe and Mail.”

Source: Promised Microsoft Tablet ‘No Thicker Than Sheet of Glass’

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