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Copying Trumps Creating For FarmVille Creator Zynga

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theodp writes “The good news for Zynga is that it scored the cover of SF Weekly. The bad news is that the FarmVillains cover story starts out by describing the secret to the toast-of-Silicon-Valley company’s success thusly: ‘Steal someone else’s game. Change its name. Make millions. Repeat.’ SF Weekly says interviews conducted with several former Zynga workers indicate that the practice of stealing other companies’ game ideas — and then using Zynga’s market clout to crowd out the games’ originators — was business as usual. ‘I don’t ****ing want innovation,’ one ex-employee recalled Pincus saying. ‘You’re not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.’ Another quipped that ‘Zynga’s motto is ‘Do Evil.” Valleywag piles on with an item on the existence of Zynga’s underground ‘Platinum Purchase Program,’ reportedly geared towards making players known as ‘whales’ part with a minimum of $500 at a time for imaginary credits.”

Source: Copying Trumps Creating For FarmVille Creator Zynga

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