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Apple May Finally Approve Google Voice Apps To The App Store

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Google Voice on iPhone

Earlier this week, Apple made a significant decision to modify its App Developer License to let developers make use of third party development and analytics tools. As part of the announcement, Apple also took a major step forward to make the review process itself more transparent by making the app review guidelines public.

The announcement has caught a lot of users and developers by surprise and has made us wonder if applications such as Google Voice, that were apparently rejected by Apple due to its growing rivalry with Google, could also stage a comeback. 

That seems likely if a tweet from Sean Kovacs, the developer of an iPhone app named GV Mobile is anything to go by. GV Mobile was one of several third party apps that were built upon Google Voice to offer better call management services to users. Apple had rejected GV Mobile along with several other apps last year citing duplicity of features. While Sean Kovacs moved the app underground and made it available on Cydia, other apps like VoiceCentral were relaunched as web applications. According to Kovacs, Apple has now indicated that his application shall be accepted if it was resubmitted to the App Store for review. 

It is not clear if GV Mobile will relaunch under the original name though. Kovacs has noted that he had deleted the applicaton from iTunes Connect soon after it was rejected. Consequently, we are also unsure if the new app shall be able to relink with its earlier customers. 

This latest development also means that users may be able to get access to the native Voice application from Google. There were speculations earlier this year that Google could be taking the legal route to fight Apple after Vic Gundotra, the vice president of engineering at Google had stated that iPhone users will get Google Voice "one way or the other". However, Mountain View had put these speculations to rest by launching a web app version of the Voice service soon after. 

Nevertheless, considering the convenience of an native application over a web app, we are now looking forward to accessing the Google Voice app on our iPhones once again. How about you? 

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Source: Apple May Finally Approve Google Voice Apps To The App Store

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