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Sony Breathes New Life Into Library Books

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Barence writes “Sony has launched a new range of touchscreen eBook readers — and is breathing new life into the concept of public library books. The readers offer support for free eBook loans from local authority libraries. If you’re lucky enough to be a member of a local library supporting the service (50 have signed up so far in the UK) you’ll be able to visit its website, tap your library card number in and borrow any book in the eBook catalog, for free, for a period of 14 or 21 days. The odd thing about this is it works in a very similar way to the good old bricks-and-mortar library. While a title is out on loan, it’s unavailable to others to borrow (unless the library has purchased multiple copies); it only becomes available again once the loan period expires and the book removes itself from your reader.”

Source: Sony Breathes New Life Into Library Books

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