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ARM Unveils Next-Gen Processor, Claims 5x Speedup

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unts writes “UK chip designer ARM [Note: check out this short history of ARM chips in mobile devices contributed by an anonymous reader] today released the first details of its latest project, codenamed ‘Eagle.’ It has branded the new design Cortex-A15, which ARM reckons demonstrates the jump in performance from its predecessors, the A8 and A9. ARM’s new chip design can scale to 16 cores, clock up to 2.5GHz, and, the company claims, deliver a 5x performance increase over the A8: ‘It’s like taking a desktop and putting it in your pocket,’ said [VP of processor marketing — Eric Schorn], and it was clear that he considers this new design to be a pretty major shot across the bows of Intel and AMD. In case we were in any doubt, he turned the knife further: ‘The exciting place for software developer graduates to go and hunt for work is no longer the desktop.’”

Source: ARM Unveils Next-Gen Processor, Claims 5x Speedup

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