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Australia To Fight iPod Use By Pedestrians

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Kilrah_il writes “In recent years the number of people killed on roads in New South Wales, Australia has dropped, but strangely enough, the number of pedestrians killed has risen. Some think it’s because of the use of iPods and other music players making people not attentive to road dangers (the so-called ‘iPod Zombie Trance’). Based on this (unproven) assumption, the Pedestrian Council has started a campaign in an effort to educate the people, but apparently it isn’t enough. Now, some are pushing for the government to enact laws to help eradicate the problem. ‘The government is quite happy to legislate that people can lose two demerit points for having music up too loud in their cars, but is apparently unconcerned that listening devices now appear to have become lethal pieces of entertainment,’ [Harold Scruby of the Pedestrian Council of Australia] said. ‘They should legislate appropriate penalties for people acting so carelessly towards their own welfare and that of others. … Manufacturers should be made to [warn] consumers of the risks they run.’”

Source: Australia To Fight iPod Use By Pedestrians

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