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2010 May Be the First Year YouTube Turns a Profit

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eldavojohn writes “Analysts are saying that this year will be the first year YouTube turns a profit. From the New York Times article: ‘In the last year, the video site has become a significant contributor to the family business at a time when Google, which makes more than 90 percent of its revenue from text search ads, is seeking a second act. Though Google does not report YouTube’s earnings, it has hinted that it is hovering near profitability. Analysts say YouTube will bring in around $450 million in revenue this year and earn a profit. Revenue at YouTube has more than doubled each year for the last three years, according to the company.’ Of course a little over a year ago we were being told that YouTube was losing around $1.65 million each day. Regardless, when you pay $1.65 billion for a business, you probably don’t expect it to take three to four years before you start making your money back.”

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