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Prosecutor Loses Case For Citing Wikipedia

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Hugh Pickens writes “The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports on a recent case where the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) lost an appeal after seeking to impeach the testimony of a defendant’s expert witness by citing an article from Wikipedia. In her brief, the defendant said ‘the authority, alluded to by oppositor-appellant, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders DSM-IV-TR,” was taken from an Internet website commonly known as Wikipedia,’ and argued that Wikipedia itself contains a disclaimer saying it ‘makes no guarantee of validity.’ The court in finding for the defendant said in its decision that it found ‘incredible … if not a haphazard attempt, on the part of the (OSG) to impeach an expert witness, with, as pointed out by (the defendant) unreliable information. This is certainly unacceptable evidence, nothing short of a mere allegation totally unsupported by authority.’”

Source: Prosecutor Loses Case For Citing Wikipedia

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