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Garmin Recalls 1.25M ‘Fire Risk’ Satnavs

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Barence writes “Garmin is recalling 1.25 million of its nüvi satnavs after batteries overheated. According to Garmin, the issue only affects devices containing batteries manufactured within a set date range by a third-party supplier and that have a specific printed circuit board design. ‘It appears that the interaction of these factors can, in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard,’ the company said in a statement. ‘Although there have been no injuries or significant property damage caused by this issue, Garmin is taking this action out of an abundance of caution.’ Perhaps Garmin should also issue a software update that diverts drivers to their nearest fire station?”

Source: Garmin Recalls 1.25M ‘Fire Risk’ Satnavs

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