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Throwing Out Software That Works

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theodp writes “Just as the iPhone rendered circa-2007 smartphones obsolete, points out Marco Arment, the iPad is on the verge of doing the same to circa-2010 netbooks. Should this succeed, cautions Dave Winer, we may be entering an era of deliberate degradation of the user experience and throwing overboard of software that works, for corporate reasons. Already, Winer finds himself having to go to a desktop machine if he wants to view web content that’s inaccessible with his iPhone and iPad. ‘There was no bottleneck for software in the pre-iPad netbooks,’ he writes. ‘It matters. What I want is the convenient form factor without the corporate filter. It’s way too simplistic to believe that we’ll get that, but we had it. That’s what I don’t like — deliberate devolution.’”

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