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The Story of Dealing With 33 Attorneys General

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microbee writes “Early this year, Topix, a popular community forum, faced investigation from 33 state Attorneys General for the practice of charging a fee for ‘expedited review’ of content that was flagged as inappropriate. The case was settled on August 9th, with Topix dropping the fees in question. Now TechCrunch is running an article by Topix CEO Chris Tolles, in which he talks about his experiences dealing with so many Attorneys General. Quoting: ‘This is going to happen more — The States’ Attorneys General are the place that complaints about your company will probably end up. This is especially true if you host a social or community based site where people can post things that others may dislike. And, there’s no downside to attacking a company based in California for these guys (MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist have all been targets in the past couple of years). Taking complaints from your citizenry and turning them into political capital is simply too good an opportunity for these guys to pass up.’”

Source: The Story of Dealing With 33 Attorneys General

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