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Jack Horkheimer, ‘The Star Hustler,’ Dies At 72

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krswan writes “I’ll bet many readers had their interest in astronomy fanned by Jack Horkheimer through his long running ‘Star Hustler’ (later changed to ‘Star Gazer’) program on PBS. His joy and enthusiasm for basic naked-eye astronomy was contagious, and more than once got me in big trouble as a kid for sneaking outside when his show ended at 12:05am, trying to find whatever he was presenting that week. Horkheimer passed away on Friday. There’s a nice story at Sky and Telescope, including the epitaph he already wrote for himself: ‘Keep Looking Up was my life’s admonition // I can do little else in my present position.’”

Source: Jack Horkheimer, ‘The Star Hustler,’ Dies At 72

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