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iOS 4.1 Will Fix Proximity Sensor And Bluetooth Problems?

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iPhone 4 Bluetooth issue

AppleInsider is reporting that iOS 4.1, which is currently in its third beta includes fixes for the proximity sensor and Bluetooth problems reported by iPhone 4 users.

We had also reported yesterday that iOS 4.1 might also fix the performance issue observed by iPhone 3G users after upgrading to iOS 4.

Some of our readers have been complaining that there is a problem with the proximity sensor in iPhone 4.

At the special iPhone 4 press conference where Apple talked about the reception problem, Steve Jobs had acknowledged that they’re looking into problems with the proximity sensor and expect to fix the issue in the next iPhone software update.

It looks like Apple will finally fix the problem in the upcoming iOS 4.1 software update.

AppleInsider reports:

While not documented by Apple, experience with the iOS 4.1 beta has shown that the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4 is far more reliable.

We had recently reported that iPhone 4 users had also reported Bluetooth problems. According to AppleInsider, iOS 4.1 also fixes the Bluetooth problems.

It addresses many issues that users have experienced, including problems with Bluetooth connectivity.

Though iPhone 4’s antenna issue has been highly publicized, the proximity sensor, Bluetooth  problems and iOS 4 performance issues on iPhone 3G seem to be more serious issues based on feedback from our readers. So this news should come as a relief to users who were frustrated by these problems.

As always, we’ll let you know as soon as iOS 4.1 is available so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Source: iOS 4.1 Will Fix Proximity Sensor And Bluetooth Problems?

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