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The Moon Is Shrinking Like a Wrinkled Apple

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astroengine writes “New observations by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) have uncovered a number of previously unknown, recently formed ‘lobate scarps’ — raised cliffs about 9 meters high and several kilometers long — over the lunar surface. These scarps form along thrust faults where compression forces the moon’s crust to rise. Up until now it was thought these lobate scarps only occurred around the lunar equator, but the high resolution LRO imagery suggests they are ubiquitous, regardless of latitude. As the moon is geologically inactive, what could be creating these features? It would appear the moon’s surface is acting like the skin of an apple surrounding the shrinking, dehydrated flesh of the fruit; the lunar crust (skin) is wrinkling as the body of the moon (the flesh) shrinks due to cooling contraction inside the moon’s core.”

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