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EFF Reviews the Verizon-Google Net Neutrality Deal

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I Don’t Believe in Imaginary Property writes “The EFF has written an analysis of the Net Neutrality deal brokered between Verizon and Google. While the EFF agrees with substantial portions of it, such as giving the FCC only enough authority to investigate complaints, rather than giving them a blank check to create regulations, there are a number of troubling issues with the agreement. In particular, they’re concerned that what constitutes ‘reasonable’ network management is in the eye of the beholder and they don’t like giving a free pass to anyone who claims they’re attempting to block unlawful content, even when doing so in such a way that they interfere with lawful activities. On balance, while there are some good ideas about how to get Net Neutrality with minimal government involvement, there are serious flaws in the agreement that would allow ISPs to interfere with any service they wanted to because there is no algorithm that can correctly determine which numbers are currently illegal.”

Source: EFF Reviews the Verizon-Google Net Neutrality Deal

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