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Extreme Memory Oversubscription For VMs

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Laxitive writes “Virtualization systems currently have a pretty easy time oversubscribing CPUs (running lots of VMs on a few CPUs), but have had a very hard time oversubscribing memory. GridCentric, a virtualization startup, just posted on their blog a video demoing the creation of 16 one-gigabyte desktop VMs (running X) on a computer with just 5 gigs of RAM. The blog post includes a good explanation of how this is accomplished, along with a description of how it’s different from the major approaches being used today (memory ballooning, VMWare’s page sharing, etc.). Their method is based on a combination of lightweight VM cloning (sort of like fork() for VMs) and on-demand paging. Seems like the ‘other half’ of resource oversubscription for VMs might finally be here.”

Source: Extreme Memory Oversubscription For VMs

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