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60-Year-Old Glass Technology Finds Its Market

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In the 1950s, Corning developed a glass product for which it has been trying to find a market ever since. What is now being called “Gorilla Glass” is currently worth $170M/yr. and is poised to quadruple (potentially) in the next year or two. Gorilla Glass is used on many smartphones including Motorola’s Droid. (“Whether Apple Inc. uses the glass in its iPod is a much-discussed mystery since ‘not all our customers allow us to say,’ said [the] general manager of Corning’s specialty materials division.”) “Because Gorilla is very hard to break, dent or scratch, Corning is betting it will be the glass of choice as TV-set manufacturers dispense with protective rims or bezels for their sets, in search of an elegant look. Gorilla is two to three times stronger than chemically strengthened versions of ordinary soda-lime glass, even when just half as thick, company scientists say. Its strength also means Gorilla can be thinner than a dime, saving on weight and shipping costs. Corning is in talks with Asian manufacturers to bring Gorilla to the TV market in early 2011…” The Christian Science Monitor elaborates on the theme of job growth outside the US, as Corning plans to invest several hundred million dollars to retrofit an LCD plant in Shizuoka, Japan to manufacture the glass. The company will also expand the workforce in the Kentucky plant that now manufactures Gorilla Glass.

Source: 60-Year-Old Glass Technology Finds Its Market

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