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$200B Lost To Counterfeiting? Back It Up

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An anonymous reader writes “Over the weekend, the NY Times ran a story about how the recession has impacted product counterfeiters. In it, the reporter regurgitates the oft-repeated claim that counterfeiting ‘costs American businesses an estimated $200 billion a year.’ Techdirt’s Mike Masnick asks the Times reporter to back up that assertion, noting two recent reports (by the GAO and the OECD) that suggest the actual number is much lower, and quoting two reporters who have actually looked at the numbers and found (a) the real number is probably less than $5 billion, and (b) the $200 billion number can be traced back to a totally unsourced (read: made-up) magazine claim from two decades ago.”

Source: $200B Lost To Counterfeiting? Back It Up

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