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Verizon Changing Users Router Passwords

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Kohenkatz writes “I have Verizon FIOS at home and my Verizon-supplied Actiontec router had the password ‘password1′ that the tech assigned to it when he set it up three years ago. I received an email from Verizon that said ‘we have identified that your router still had a password of either password1 or admin1 and we have changed it to your serial number.’ I checked and it actually had been changed. I believe this to be in response to the Black Hat presentation about the hackability of home routers. I am upset about this because Verizon should not have any way to get into my router and change the settings, especially because I own the router, not them! I looked in the router’s settings and I see port 4567 goes to the router and is labeled ‘Verizon FIOS Service.’ Is this port for anything useful other than Verizon changing settings on my router? What security measures does Verizon have to protect that port from unauthorized access?”

Source: Verizon Changing Users Router Passwords

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