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How Can an Old-school Coder Regain His Chops?

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DonLab writes “I was a proficient software engineer in the 1980s, writing hundreds of thousands of lines of ALGOL, FORTRAN, COBOL, and Pascal programs, as well as working in 370 and 8080 assembly language & pre-relational DBMS systems. My hands-on programming career ended when I became a freelance analyst and designer, ultimately retiring young in the early ’90s. Now I’d like to reenter the field, but I’m finding that I know nothing about today’s post-C languages, programming tools, and computing environments. I wouldn’t know where to start learning C++, PHP, Java, HTML5, or PERL, much less how to choose one over the other for a particular application. Can I be the only pre-GUI software designer or hobbyist searching for a way to update his skills for Windows, iOS, or Android?”

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