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What To Do About CC License Violations?

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An anonymous reader writes “In the past, I’ve seen my pictures used by big commercial companies despite the Creative Commons license that clearly limits them to non-commercial use. I just let it slide because a friend who’s a lawyer says that all I can do is sue. They’ve ignored emails and comments. Today, I saw two other examples that show that this is pretty rampant. These big commercial corporations are some of the tech savvy publications around, but they just grabbed the image. One, BoingBoing, even reprinted the ‘non-commercial’ clause, warning others to stay away. But they’ve got their ads from Cheerios, HP and Mazda running along side. Does anyone care that we’ve gone to all this trouble to create new, more flexible licenses? Does it even matter when very smart people just flip the bird to the license? Is the only alternative to sue? I wouldn’t mind asking for $150k and settling for $1 for each copy made, but that seems a bit crazy. I hate to type out DMCA notices but their attitude is that only uncool people complain about this and I should be happy about the publicity. Then they can be happy about not sharing their ad revenue with artists or photographers. What can I do?”

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