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Tennessee Town Releases Red Light Camera Stats

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SonicSpike links to what he calls “a transparent look at some statistics released by a small town’s red-light camera program,” writing

“Specifically, in the last fiscal quarter, 7,213 incidents were recorded, 2,673 incidents were rejected by the reviewing officer, and 662 incidents were not processed due to technical issues or lack of information. All in all 3,878 citations were issued between April I — June 30 in a town of 17,000 residents. Interestingly enough there are two nearby cities claiming that individuals ‘have no presumption of innocence‘ when accused by the red light cameras.” Fines for no-harm-no-foul rolling stops bug me, and remind me of Gary Lauder’s suggestion to merge stop signs and yield signs.

Source: Tennessee Town Releases Red Light Camera Stats

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